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With the publication of the fourth revised and expanded edition of the book Architecture and criticism by Editorial GG, which was first published in 1999, this act of informal commentary on the book and general praise of books in our contemporary condition is organised as an aperitif of Sant Jordi’s celebration.

The event will be attended by Josep Maria Montaner, architect and author of the book; Ethel Barahona, architect; David H. Fálagan, researcher, and Daniela Arias, architect.

Since its first edition in 1999, Architecture and Criticism has become one of the leading introductory texts on architectural criticism and historiography. What is criticism? What are its goals and meanings? Does it make any sense? This book, now in its fourth edition, answers these questions briefly and didactically, focusing on the historical trajectory of the relationship between architecture and criticism. Starting from the pioneers of architectural criticism of the 21st century, the key figures of modern historiography, such as Sigfried Giedion, or the texts of the leading architects, such as Adolf Loos or Le Corbusier, through the different interpretations derived from existentialism, phenomenology, iconography or structuralism, such as Aldo Rossi, Manfredo Tafuri, Colin Rowe and Marina Waisman, to the post-structuralist scene, with names like Peter Eisenman, Rem Koolhaas or Micha Bandini. This brief basic guide presents a historical tour of architectural criticism that provides insight into the historiographical keys to architecture from its origins to the present day.

You can follow the presentation on TV Capell, via Instagram @lacapell_com. Click here to follow the event.

* Free admission until capacity is reached.

Presentation of the author

Josep Maria Montaner i Martorell (Barcelona, 1954) holds a PhD in architecture and is a professor at the Barcelona School of Architecture. He is also the author of several books on architecture. Among other awards, in 2005 he won the Spanish National Urbanism Award from the Ministry of Housing for his journalistic initiative in his articles published in the newspapers El País and La Vanguardia. Together with Zaida Muxí he was co-director of the master's degree Laboratory of 21st Century Housing at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He has also advised several Latin American cities on urban planning and housing issues.

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