26/04 -


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Conference . Barcelona

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Centre Obert d’Arquitectura


Carrer Arcs 1-3, 3a planta



At 18.30 h



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“Belgians, Belgians” is the second session in the “Unboxing the library” cycle: the new activity promoted by the COAC Library to give more visibility to the bibliographic wealth it holds.

This second session deals with recent Belgian architecture and, in particular, Vylder Vinck Tailleu’s and OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen’s work. To get closer to the chosen theme, the architect Guillermo Lópeza, a member of MAIO, offers a conference aimed at both architects and the main public.

At the same time, a bibliographic exhibition on Belgian architecture will also be available at the Barcelona headquarters, which readers can consult on the main shelves of the Library.



Unboxing the library. A look at the library's holdings.

Unboxing the library
With more than 180,000 books and magazines, the COAC Library is one of the most important documentary centres in architecture, urban planning and landscape in Europe. To give more visibility to the bibliographic wealth it holds, the Library opens its doors to the public and incorporates a new activity: "Unboxing the Library".
A selection of fundamental books will be made periodically and will be displayed on the main shelves of the Library’s headquarters in Barcelona, thus encouraging and facilitating free consultation for readers. At the same time, in order to delve deeper into the theme chosen on each occasion, a conference will be held by architects with recognised experience in the field.

"Unboxing the Library" is one of the novelties of the Open Architecture Centre’s next spring-summer program, and it aims to disseminate to both architects and the main public the documentary value of the funds held by the Library, which make it an essential reference for architects.


Session 1: March 22, Japonisme, with Igor Urdampilleta
Session 2: April 26, Belgians, Belgians! with Guillermo López
Session 3: June 21, The intervention in Chile with Josep Ferrando

The sessions, which will take place in the Library itself, are another opportunity to enjoy the recent adaptation of the space to restore it to its original state, designed in 1995 by architect David Ferrer, who was the director of the Library and the Historical Archive between 1976 and 2008.
In addition to the adequacy of the spaces, facilities and telecommunications, the original furniture has been restored, consisting of the Gama shelves, the Santa & Cole lamps designed by the architect Antoni de Moragas, and the tables designed specifically for this space.

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