21/03 -


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Exhibition . Barcelona

Organized by

Centre Obert d’Arquitectura


8th floor
Plaça Nova, 5


Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 8 PM
Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM



Opening event

Monday 21th March at 7 PM
Sala Mirador


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This exhibition is a continuation of the first edition of ‘El material de lo construido’ promoted by Saint-Gobain Weber in Argentina under the idea and direction of Saint-Gobain’s CEO for Argentina, Chile and Peru: Mariano Bó. It includes talks, lectures, two traveling exhibitions and two collections of monographic books by young architects.

The Argentine project was developed in 2015 and was published by Bisman Ediciones. It consisted of a traveling exhibition and the publication of a collection of monographs that present the philosophy and work of twenty-five young offices of Argentine architecture: Estudio Del Puerto Sardin / BaBO / Estudio Borrachia / Plural Arquitectos / Estudio Marchisio + Nanzer / Nicolás Campodonico / Monoblock / Alarcia Ferrer Arquitectos / A4 Estudio / BARQ Julián Berdichevsky / PSG Arquitectes / Antonio Carrasco Arquitecto / AToT Arquitectos Todo Terreno / Estudio Dínamo / M2G Arquitectos / Estudio Arzubialde / Cekada-Romanos Arquitectos V Arquitectos / DE Arquitectura / iR Arquitectura / CCFGM / Estudio Frías – Tomchinsky Arquitectura / Ezequiel Amado Cattaneo Arquitecto / Santiago Viale Arquitecto / Busnelli Arquitectura. This exhibition and collection of books tries to draw, through the portrait of these twenty-five studios, an overview of our environment and time, focusing on the design process and understanding the constructive development of the works as a binding part of the creative process.

In this way, the exhibition presents a work from each studio, through images, plans and concepts, culminating in the presentation of the constructive detail as a fundamental piece. The ensemble illustrates collective thinking, focused on the material construction of the architectural work.

The second collection shares the same objectives and is focused on the field of Catalan architecture. It is promoted by Saint – Gobain Weber in Catalonia and co-organised by the College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC) and the Open Centre of Architecture, under the direction of Jordi Rius, general manager of Saint – Gobain Weber in Catalonia, with the edition of Bisman Ediciones (Buenos Aires) and QUT Ediciones (Barcelona), and the advice of Fermín Vázquez (B720), Oriol Marín Gordi and Jean-Pierre Paulet (Arquidos Arquitectes). For its execution, the following 12 Catalan architecture studios have been selected:

Aixopluc / Anna & Eugeni Bach / Arquitecturia / Carles Enrich Studio / Estudio Fàbric / GRAUCASAIS / Josep Ferrando / NUA / Peris + Toral / Sarquella + Torres Arquitectes / unparelld’arquitectes / Vora Arquitectura.

The twenty published books from the Argentine collection and the first two copies from the Catalan collection will be on display.


Director of the EMDLC Argentina collection: Mariano Bó (CEO of Saint Gobain Argentina, Chile and Peru).
Director of the EMDLC Catalunya collection: Jordi Rius (director of Saint Gobain Weber Catalunya).
Coordination of the EMDLC Argentina collection: Lucía de la Barra (Sustainability and Innovation Manager Saint-Gobain Argentina, Chile and Peru).
Coordination of the EMDLC Catalunya collection: Xavier Ortiz (Head of prescription Saint-Gobain Weber Catalunya).
Publishers and curators of the Argentine collection: Hernán Bisman and Pablo Engelman (Bisman Ediciones, Buenos Aires).
Co-editors and curators of the Catalan collection: Hernán Bisman and Pablo Engelman (Bisman Ediciones, Buenos Aires), Alicia Guerrero Yeste and Fredy Massad (QUT Ediciones, Barcelona).


Bisman Ediciones Publishing Team:
Juan Sarrabayrouse (head of art), Teo Rodríguez (editorial secretary), Zarina de Angelis (assistant editor), Pedro Bisman (assistant director).

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