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The Invisible City

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Centre Obert d’Arquitectura
Cooperativa Jordi Capell


Llibreria La Capell
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In the presentation of the book “The Invisible City” we will have the participation of Raul Ciannella, editor of Sfabula Editorial; Daniele Porretta, editor of The Invisible City; Martin Garber, architect; and two of the publication’s authors, Maria Antònia Martí Escayol and Enric Llorach.

The aim of the work is to explore the imaginative and inherent potential in two of Barcelona’s axes, the publishers’ adoptive city: architecture and literature. To achieve this, eight authors who combine the broad spectrum of these two axes in their professional activities have been recruited.

Within the real city there are always other imagined, dreamed and possible cities. Between the end of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century, dozens of architectural and urban projects were carried out and numerous illustrations were designed in which a very different Barcelona was imagined from the one we have today. They were different scenarios that, for various reasons, were never fulfilled. In the anthology we present we have recovered some of the projects that were never accomplished, and we have asked eight authors to write a fictional story for each project, thus drawing an alternative and uchronic Barcelona.

Barcelona’s eight chronicle stories aim to highlight that the way we think about our relationship with the city is also a way of reflecting on the way we live; the various “crises” we are currently experiencing make thinking about our relationship with the city a more important need than ever before.

You can follow the presentation on TVCapell, via Instagram: @lacapell_com. Click here to follow the event.

* Free admission until capacity is reached.

Presentation of the authors

Sara Beltrame, editor, screenwriter and contributor to Pikara Magazine.
David Caralt, professor at the School of Architecture of the San Sebastián University (Chile).
Melian Du Lac, communications expert; Albert Franquesa, History and Geography and Language and Literature professor.
Enrich Llorach, PhD in architecture and professor at MTPPA (UPC) and the University of New Haven - CEA Barcelona.
Inés MacPherson, journalist and oral narrator.
Maria Antonia Martí Escayol, professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and specialist in environmental humanities.
David Pierre, co-director of the Café Librería literary project and the publishing services company Tiburón Letra.
Carme Torras, researcher and professor at the Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics (CSIC-UPC).

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