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What role can architecture play in the survival of cinema venues in the future? If we ask Pere Sallent, one of the pioneers of cinema screening in Catalonia, he will answer that it is essential.

A conference, within the framework of the BARQ Festival, on his project Full. Building the cinema of the future, reveals the architectural, technical and management characteristics that a multiplex should have in order to be able to compete and prosper in an environment in which cinemas share premieres with streaming channels.

At a time when it seems that only superhero films can fill cinemas, we may be looking at a project capable of turning the course of cinema history by halting the disappearance cinema venues.

With the aim of making his research and vision available to everyone, Pere Sallent has created www.thebestcinemas.com, a virtual space to selflessly share his project. Full. Building the cinema of the future is an ambitious and visionary project in which design and architecture come together with the most advanced technologies in image and sound to fight against the most powerful adversaries of cinema today: the comfort of the home sofa, gigantic Smart TVs and the vast number of streaming platforms.


Pere Sallent

Pere Sallent, a third-generation cinema entrepreneur, started out managing a family-run cinema, and years later founded one of the first multi-screen cinemas in Spain. In 2010 he turned the “Full 28 cinemas” in Cornellà into a multiplex with record-breaking attendance. Obsessed with improving the cinema experience for viewers, one of the keys to his success was being able to intervene in the design and structural and constructive remodelling of the cinemas he managed.

Since 2019, he has been working on the development of Full project. Building the cinema of the future, where he proposes a new paradigm for cinema exhibition, architecturally reinventing the concept of the multiplex and proposing a radically new "Cine Palace".

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