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We will explain a four-year process to carry out a collective public housing building with criteria of maximum energy efficiency and the use of low-impact construction materials and systems. We will talk about bioconstruction, a structural system that makes up the inhabited space, ceramic façades filled with excavation soil, a building that is both compact and porous, flexible supports and ‘+ spaces’, bioclimatic atriums or the expressive potential of the thermo-clay factory and the lime mortar.

This lecture is part of the course on New Construction Systems: Heavy Construction Systems. It will be taught by the architects Adrià Guardiet and Sandra Torres.

The speakers

08014 is an architecture studio founded in 2014 in Barcelona, co-directed by the architects Adrià Guardiet and Sandra Torres, dedicated to the development of building projects, public space and urban regeneration.

Our architecture seeks a balance between the specific conditions -physical, programmatic, cultural, environmental, etc.- of each project and other interests and longer-term research such as order and repetition, energy and resource efficiency, common and transitional spaces, the processes of recycling and regeneration, open systems, material and technological research or the lessons learned from architecture without architects.

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