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Live . Barcelona

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Centre Obert d’Arquitectura
Cooperativa Jordi Capell


Llibreria La Capell
Plaça Nova, 5


A les 18.30 h



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The editor of the publication, Moisés Puente, Lluís Ortega, and the author, Josep Llinàs, will talk about the presentation of the book “Niños y bisabuelos”.

In this collection of essays, the architect Josep Llinàs dares with new formats, such as Instagram stories, and is accountable to only some of the heroes who appear in the narrative. The work of Josep Maria Jujol is always present: an architect who dents, twists and stains everything he does, a work far removed from any Calvinist work epic, and that Llinàs relates to popular wisdom and, ultimately, to the behaviour of a boy. But, in addition, other characters appear beyond Jujol: from Alejandro de la Sota to José Antonio Coderch, from David Lynch to Peter Handke, from his grandson to his parents and, hence, his great-grandfather in his work as an architect.

You can follow the presentation on TVCapell, via Instagram: @lacapell_com. Click here to follow the event.

* Free admission until capacity is reached.


Josep Llinàs

Architect from the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB-UPC). He has been a professor at the ETSAB and the Ramon Llull University of Barcelona, as well as having been invited to numerous courses and workshops in Spain and Europe. His work has been included in numerous publications, such as a monographic issue of the magazine El Croquis (2005), and his books include the collection of essays Saques de esquina (2002), Sospecha de estiércol (2016) and Copiar de lo que se ve (2019).

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