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Exhibition . Olot

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Centre Obert d’Arquitectura


Av. Onze de Setembre, 13


Thursday and Friday from 9 am to 2 pm



© Escola Petit Plançó d'Olot
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The exhibition 17th Century Olot shows the models of 22 houses in Olot that preserve lintels from the 17th and 18th centuries, which the 3 ESO students from L’Escola Petit Plançó d’Olot have been making within the Barrocos project. In this educational project, the students had to identify and look for the houses to photograph them and place them on a map. Once the properties have been identified, the students have made the model.

Participating students:

16 Onze de setembre Avenue (1647). Lucía Saunier
22 Onze de setembre Avenue (1647). Alba Carbona and Arwen Fernández
13 Clivillers Street. Dina Poutchnine
22 Estires Street (1723). Ferran Arbusà
15 Sastres Street. Xevi Casaponsa
5 Bisbe Serra Street. Anna Font and Blanca Terricabras
Clivillers Street. Laura Berga
Conill Square and Fountain (1666). Aina Riera
Conill Square and Fountain (1666). Abril Sargatal
39 Roser Street (1788). Clàudia Gelada
14 Major Street. Nil Jiménez i Èric Ventulà
Santa Magdalena Square (1770). Nina Roig
10 Om Street (1641). Arash Singh
9 Major Square. Guillem Tenas
25 Sastres Street. Francesc Terricabras
27 Sant Esteve Street (1770). Cesc Sabido
Conill Square, (1666). Yasmin Bouzaidi
19 Sant Bernat Street. Emma Pujol
24 Estires Street. Laia Pérez
8 Sant Rafel Street. Lia Monturiol
49 Roser Street (1692). Lamini Simaha
Patí Street. Clara Ferrés
Mora Square (1724). Musta Karaga, Keiner Avila and Abraham Chacón
1 Alfons V Street. Patxi Pinto
14 Estires Street (1796). Clàudia Juventeny
16 Estires Street (1792). Gemma Bayona
1 Patí Street (1629). Laia Ruiz

In collaboration with:

Bayona Studio

Material contribution:

Construccions Pallàs

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