07/05 -

Living with water

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Exhibition . Figueres


Centre Obert d’Arquitectura


Pl. de l'Església, 6


Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9am until 2pm



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This exhibition showcases the work carried out by the workshop led by bordas+peiro as part of the international WAVE Workshop, organized by the Università Iuav di Venezia (IUAV) in July 2023.

The focus of the workshop was the potential impact that the rise in sea level could have on the built environment. This phenomenon evokes a radical change in our living conditions and, therefore, in the way we approach architecture and territorial development. At the same time, this change offers us the opportunity to reconnect with the fundamental principles of architecture: time, permanence, adaptation, and uses.

The workshop, led by Anna Maria Bordas and Miquel Peiró, prospectively explored the possible consequences of the rise in sea level in Alt Empordà. This exploration addressed the issue at both territorial and architectural and landscape levels, identifying eight specific situations within the territory.

It is important to understand the proposals generated as a prospective reflection on how we will be able to live and transform the territory in the face of this emerging reality.

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