10/10 -

Domestic Workspaces

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Exhibition . Girona


Centre Obert d’Arquitectura


Pl. Catedral, 8


Feiners, de 9 a 16.30 h



© Sílvia Garcia Camps
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In the exhibition, the illustrator Sílvia Garcia Camps (Manresa, 1990) collects the essence of 36 architecture offices, both national and international, to make the current architectural panorama from another perspective known: the domesticity of studies. The architecture and interior design of the architects’ workspaces – studios-workshops, corporate studios, studios-homes –, becomes the pretext to reflect on the dialogue that people establish with the spaces they occupy through the everyday objects that they decorate. To advertise these domesticities, the illustrator uses a naive collage resulting from the union of the freehand drawing of these spaces with other elements using technology.

Studios who participate in the show:

AMOO, Anna & Eugeni Bach, Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu, Arno Brandlhuber, Arquitectura-G, BAAS, Bajet-Giramé, BAST Architectes, Bonell + Dòriga, Bosch Capdeferro Arquitectes, DataAE, EMBT, Estudi d’Arquitectura Toni Gironès, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, Fala Atelier, Flores & Prats Arquitectes, Gonzalo del Val, H Arquitectes, h3o, Igual & Guggenheim, Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter, Josep Ferrando Architecture, Jorge Vidal Studio, LaCol Arquitectura Cooperativa, LaGula Arquitectes, Loca Studio, Mesura Partners in Architecture, Peris + Toral, P-M-A-A, RBTA, Sam Chermayeff Office, Studio Maks, unparelldarquitectes, Volta Arquitectes i Vora Arquitectura.

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